Literacy Coalition of Colorado TRAINING 2020 February 22

Saturday, February 22 2020 8:30 AM - 12:45 PM [MST]

13300 West 6th Avenue Frontage Road, Lakewood, CO, 80228, United States

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Saturday, February 22 2020 8:30 AM - 12:45 PM [MST]

Red Rocks Community College, 13300 West 6th Avenue Frontage Road, Lakewood, CO, 80228, United States.


You must choose ONE WORKSHOP from EACH SESSION before your registration will be complete.  Sessions are ESL or READING (for first-language English speakers).


Session 1: 8:30 am


 “Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can”  - Program Planning for ESL Instructors - Philip Greenberg

The design process that architects use is a roadmap for creating a successful, built project:
1) understand the problem; 2) propose the solution. As ESL instructors, we can use that design process as a roadmap. We discover student’s needs and we build lesson plans to achieve successful outcomes.

You will learn:

How to create a respectful learning environment by familiarizing yourself with the customs, traditions and unique needs of our students.

How to integrate meaningful cultural elements into your lesson plan.

How to use your student’s TV and your laptop to customize a lesson plan through interactive PDF’s. 

How to use the objective correlative (real time objects, situations or chain of events) to teach the tenses, idioms, and vocabulary.

How the things our students use at work can be learning tools.  



Support Reading (Part 1): Help Students Connect What They Hear to What is On the Page - Ann Leonard

Starting with the science of reading and then covering the syllable types in English, participants will learn to independently guide adult learners to strengthen their decoding.

We will cover:

The science of reading

Syllable types in English

Assessing adult learner's reading (to know where to start)

Teaching phonemic awareness to adults


Session 2: 10:15 am


Fun Activities for Developing Pronunciation and Listening/Speaking - Barbara Ulrich

Participants will learn a number of fun activities to do with students for developing pronunciation and listening/speaking skills. By using fun activities, both parties stay motivated and continue quality learning.



Support Reading (Part 2): Help Learners Strengthen Decoding Skills and Fluency -

Jeanine Draut

This session offers strategies that demystify the reading process for tutors and learners alike. Participants will have an opportunity to try some of the methods presented. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Teach adult learners to decode words by connecting phonemes (sounds) with graphemes (written letters).
Teach adult learners to decode words with word part analysis (affixes and roots). 


Session 3: 11:30 am


Reading to Tell for ESL - Kenia Campbell

At the end of the presentation, participants will have the ability to make sure that ESL students can comprehend what they read, and are able to tell what they understood.



What Did You Just Read? - Sandra Taylor

Adult learners may have difficulty telling themselves (or you) what that last paragraph they read was about. This workshop will teach you how to help learners monitor – and thereby improve - their own comprehension (thinking about what they are doing to understand what they read). Participants will be introduced to "The 5 Thinking Strategies of Reading" and other useful tools.

Literacy Coalition of Colorado

The Literacy Coalition of Colorado promotes and fosters adult literacy with ongoing professional development opportunities, volunteer training and referrals, and other projects to meet the changing needs of adult literacy providers in Colorado.

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